This is the Cycle London Landmarks Logo. Cycle Londons Landmarks provide bike tours across London.

Terms and Conditions


1. Cancellation

Scheduled Tours and Online Booking:

a. Booking may be cancelled 48 hours before the tour departure. We will apply a £5 admin fee to the refund.

b. Booking can be changed to another tour up to a period of 24hrs before the tour is due to start.

c. No refund or alteration will be made to your booking after 24hrs before the tour is due to start.


2. Private Tours

a. Once Booking confirmation has been received. The cancellations are: Up to 2 weeks before event 15% of the quoted priced will be due. Up to 1 week before the event 30% of the quoted price will be due. Up to 24hrs before the event 50% of the quoted price will be due. From 24hrs until the event 80% of the quoted price will be due


3. Bad Weather

1. Tours will proceed in bad weather.


4. Participants need to be at the Meeting Point 15 minutes before the Tour departure.


5. Alterations

Cycle London’s Landmarks reserve the right to alter the tour route due to unforseen circumstances which are beyond our control.


6. Payment Terms

a. Payment will be taken at the time of booking.

b. Full payment will be required.

c. Failure to pay will result in Tour cancellation.


7. Refund

Refunds will be added onto the card which was originally used for Tour Payment.


8. Minimum Numbers

a. A minimum of 3 clients are required in order for the Tour to proceed. This however excludes Private Tours.

b. 12 clients is the maximum for any 1 Tour


9. Cycling Ability

a. Cycling can be dangerous on London Roads and the participant must be confident of their ability to ride a bicycle safely. If the Tour Leader feels that the person is unable to ride a bike in a safe manner it is their right to ask them to stop riding and no refund will be given.


10. Medical

Cycling is a great form of excercise, however if you suffer any medical condition which could be affected by cycling you should seek medical advise before participating in the Tour.


11. Children.

No child under 12 yrs will be allowed to participate in the Tour.

Children aged 12-18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Cycle London’s Landmarks will take no responsibility for the actions or consequences of such actions of a child. The Parent/Guardian will be fully responsible for the child.


12. Insurance

Cycle London’s Landmarks has a Public Liability Insurance for their activities. However, this insurance does not cover the clients or participants for their own actions.

Cycling can be dangerous and Cycle London’s Landmarks cannot be held responsible for any accidents or mishaps.

We provide Cycle helmets and High Vis jackets free of charge and strongly recommend that you wear them , however, it is not the law in the UK.


13. Loss

Cycle London’s Landmarks cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred by the participants of the Cycle Tour.

14. Satisfaction.

Cycle London’s landmarks are very confident that you will enjoy your tour immensely, and are always happy to receive any feedback at the end of each tour. However, it or its agents cannot be responsible for circumstances which are beyond their control.


15. Contacts

Cycle London’s Landmarks are registered in the UK

Telephone: 0207 2651160

Mobile: 07740287099




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